Demonstration versions of the
CADSYM Symbol Libraries

These Demos, like the Full versions, run in conjunction with AutoCAD Release 13c4 to 2018 and AutoCAD LT95 to LT2018. The symbols are WBlocks drawn on Layer 0 and selection is from a pull down menu. To download the Demo file, click on the required 'Executable Demo File' found in the diagram below, and follow the screen instructions. After self extraction is completed, use MS-Word to print and read the related 'Installation Instructions' , also found in the diagram below.

Note: The only symbols or shapes that can be accessed from these Demo files are the ones at the top left hand corner of each dropdown image page. In the case of the Steel Shapes Demo, the accessible images are the ones at the extreme top of each menu and child menu. Clicking on any other symbol or shape will result in an error message.

Electrical & Fluidpower

Electrical Y32 & IEC617

Fluidpower Hydraulic

Electrical Y32

Electrical IEC617

Fluidpower Pneumatic

Fluidpower Hyd & Pneu

Steel Shapes


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